Dodo to be deëxtincted with genetic engineering

The dodo, a flightless bird once unique to Mauritius and hunted to extinction there, is to be re-introduced by genetically engineering fresh ones. The genomes of it and the Nicobar pigeon, the dodo's closest living relative, have been fully sequenced by paleogeneticists

US-based biotechnology and genetic engineering company Colossal Biosciences, which is pursuing the "de-extinction" of multiple species, including the woolly mammoth, has entered a partnership with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to find a suitable location for the large flightless birds.

The dodo has been extinct since 1681; a combination of predation by humans and animals introduced by humans led to its downfall, turning it into a textbook case for extinction. But according to the partners, its return to Mauritius could benefit the dodo's immediate environment and other species.

The science is complicated…

This is a vital step in creating hybridized animals through reproduction. Scientists have previously introduced PGCs to create a chicken fathered by a duck – for which a duck embryo was injected with chicken PGCs, producing an adult duck with the sperm of a rooster. It then bred with a hen, which gave birth to a chick.

Looking forward to sampling Dodo coconut mint ice cream.

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