Steve Bannon calls for Civil War between MAGA and the GOP (video)

Steve Bannon has been itching for a civil war, but after the George Santos expulsion today, the War Room podcaster got really specific on who the enemies were — and emphasized that it's not Republicans vs. Democrats anymore.

In fact, he targeted his vitriol not on the the usual suspects on the left, but instead on the "establishment" wing of the MAGA party, calling out Fox News, Kevin McCarthy, and the 105 Republicans who voted to oust the New York fraudmaker. (See video below, posted by @Brooklynwatch.)

"This is McCarthy screwing MAGA to jam up Mike Johnson. This is 100% McCarthy and his acolytes trying to make our job even tougher and even take away our majority," the former Trump strategist said.

"This is 1,000% Kevin McCarthy. This is the Fox News, everything. This is the apparatus saying we're going to shut down the ability to make massive cuts, we're going to shut down your ability to stop the defunding of Ukraine," he continued.

"They want a civil war? They got one. And anyone who takes a penny from McCarthy? You're part of the problem. So bring it!"

Bannon then explains that it's not between Republicans and Democrats anymore. "This is the uniparty — corporatists, Wall Street, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley… They are after everybody, particularly the MAGA guys," he warns. "When they roll, they roll hard. You got Judas Pence, now Judas McCarthy. This is a stab in the back to Stefanik, to Johnson, to Jordan. So, it's game on."