Elevate your evening hikes these night vision binoculars, still over half-off at their Cyber Monday price!

TL;DR: Ideal for hunting, nighttime hiking, and more, the Mini Dual Tube Digital Night Vision Binoculars with 1089p HD recording are great for that special outdoorsman in your life, and luckily for you, they're still listed at their Cyber Monday price, making them just $79.97 through 12/3! 

Looking for the perfect gift to give your favorite outdoorsy family member who seems to have everything? Well, they likely don't have night vision, which means they could use a bit of help seeing in the dark on their moonlit excursions. That's where a pair of stellar night vision goggles can come in handy. 

The Mini Dual Tube Digital Night Vision Binoculars are a fantastic gift for anyone who wants to see more of what's going on around them when they're out and about at nighttime, whether they're out hiking, hunting, camping, and more. Even in total darkness, these things can give you the gift of clear sight at a distance of up to 300 meters! But the best part? The binoculars are still listed at their Cyber Monday price, which means you can score a pair for over half-off at just $80 through 12/3! 

Unlike your basic pair of binoculars, this advanced accessory comes with seven adjustable brightness levels in addition to various color effects, including infrared and luminous green. The binoculars also boast a generous 2.4-inch HD screen that allows you to view what you're capturing incredibly easily — there's even a 4x digital zoom. You can also capture photos and video so you can experience what you've seen again and again long after your excursion is over.

Lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket, these night vision binoculars are designed to go with you anywhere and be easy to whip out at a moment's notice. They even feature a silicone button design that makes it easy to feel what you're doing when you can't always see clearly. Plus, its built-in, replaceable lithium-ion battery ensures you have plenty of power without requiring that you charge it as you go. The accessory even has a 32GB maximum storage capacity and can support a TF card, if you wish. 

Give the gift of sight in the dark with these must-have digital night vision binoculars

The Mini Dual Tube Digital Night Vision Binoculars with 1080p HD recording are still listed at their Cyber Monday price of just $79.99 as long as you act before 12/3! 

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