This eBook Creation Tool's Cyber Monday price is still intact for a limited time!

TL:DR; Backed by ChatGPT, My AI eBook Creation Pro helps you create your very own eBooks, even if you have no writing experience — all it takes is three simple clicks! And you can get a lifetime subscription at its Cyber Monday price through 12/3 at just $24.97!

These days, it's all about the art of the side hustle, and producing your own eBooks is a great way to make a little extra cash on the side. But if you have no real writing experience, how can you be sure your digital stories will be a hit? That's where the power of ChatGPT comes into play. 

My AI eBook Creation Pro gives aspiring writers and entrepreneurs the power to create compelling stories without any experience! While this advanced program normally totes a hefty price tag, right now, in honor of Cyber Monday, it's a mere $25, making it a great time to get started on your eBook creation journey! And all you need is an internet connection and a computer! 

While using My AI eBook Creation Pro doesn't require that you have any writing experience, it still lets you customize nearly every aspect of your eBooks. All you need are some general ideas about the story you want to create — enough for you to fill out a few basic prompts, like the name of the project, the genre, and the target audience. From there, the program will whip up a bunch of titles for you to choose from, allowing you to edit everything it comes up with from then on. 

Fantastic for anyone with a great idea for a story that simply doesn't know where to start, My AI eBook Creation Pro is a writing tool just about anyone can benefit from. Even if you've never used ChatGPT or anything AI-related before, the program's interface is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate. Plus, there's no tricky installation required! 

Start your own eBook series in the ultimate side hustle venture with My AI eBook Creation Pro!

Cyber Monday is sticking around — a lifetime subscription to My AI eBook Creation Pro is currently just $24.97 through 12/3!

Prices subject to change.