Take a trip to the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Take a trip to the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum! Atlas Obscura put this fun place on my radar, and I'm itching to go. Located inside of a historic building in the French Quarter, the pharmacy museum is filled with all sorts of old fashioned tinctures, pills, medical instruments and more. 

"The back of the shop has a recreated pharmacist's work area, complete with mortar and pestle, microscopes, and wooden blenders. The museum also highlights the original role of the "soda fountain," which once served the purpose of helping pharmacy customers chase a particularly nasty-tasting medicine."

You can also learn about the history of pharmacies. There is even a ceramic Jar that says "leeches" on it, from the time when leeches were used in US medicine. Eeeek! Although out of operation, a trip to this apothecary will be sure to give you a fix of both wonder and horror. This fascinating place is going to be my first stop if I ever visit New Orleans.