New Orleans merchant cleverly capitalizes on the latest news that NOLA Rats are "all high"

Yesterday we brought you news about the rats in New Orleans—specifically, that "they're all high" after eating the confiscated marijuana in the evidence room at the New Orleans criminal justice building. 

Well, in true New Orleans fashion, some city residents are finding the humor and absurdity in this news, and embracing it the way NOLA folk do.

Case in point: My favorite New Orleans gift shopDirty Coast, quickly created a hilarious and adorable t-shirt to commemorate the occasion, and it's now available for pre-order through this weekend. For only $30.00 you can sport an original design by Burt Durand, a Lafayette, Louisiana-based award-winning art director and illustrator, featuring the thoroughly stoned furry critters themselves, with the text "NOLA RATS: 'They're all High!'"

On Dirty Coast's website, they explain the new t-shirt:

We live in New Orleans,

Of course the police station is infested with rats that are "eating our weed." 

This item is available as a pre-sale through the weekend, and is printed to order. The estimated ship after date is March 27th. If your order contains other items, they will all ship together once the pre-sale period has ended and the shirts are printed and processed.

You can also comment on Dirty Coast's posts on Instagram or Twitter with your "best rat pun," and win yourself a $50.00 Dirty Coast gift card. I'm gonna go place my order now!