Tourist dies after world's highest – and "safe" – bungee jump

Macau's Skypark tells visitors their commercial bungee jump — the world's highest — "will remind them they're still alive." But sadly, one 56-year-old man is no longer alive after taking the plunge.

The Japanese tourist seemed to complete the 764-foot jump off the Macau Tower without a hitch, but right after he landed he "began experiencing shortness of breath," according to the Daily Beast. He then stopped breathing altogether and died soon after at a local hospital.

From Daily Beast:

The man did not suffer any superficial injuries to his body during the jump, according to reports. Skypark by AJ Hackett, which runs the bungee jump and other activities at the Macau Tower, charges around $360 for individual jumps.

The company's website asks that visitors disclose medical conditions including heart conditions and high blood pressure to staff before taking part in any of the Macau Tower's "adventure activities." AJ Hackett notes that having one of the conditions will not necessarily prevent someone from participating, however.

It's not clear what caused the tourist's death.

Skypark will have to make some changes to its website, as its claim in large bold font of having a "PERFECT SAFETY RECORD" no longer applies.