Give the gift of a reliable charge with the monster KODA PowerStation, now 30% off!

TL:DR; Give the gift of preparedness with the monster KODA PowerStation with wireless charging, now just $59.99, 30% off its regular price. Just be sure to order yours before 12/7 to ensure timely holiday delivery! 

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone who's always working on projects in the garage? While it may appear that they have everything, they likely don't have a versatile power station capable of powering up tools, charging devices, and even wirelessly gassing up their phone. Well, not yet, anyway. 

Say hello to the KODA PowerStation. This versatile gadget is fantastic for anyone who could use the gift of portable power while working on projects outside the house or who could use a little convenience while spending time in a remote cabin somewhere. Boasting four power outlets and four USB ports, this power hub can gas up a number of must-have devices when you're not around a wall outlet. 

Additionally, this monster power strip, which is backed with 1800 watts, also provides a wireless charge, ideal for juicing up your phone or any other Qi-compatible electronic devices. The hub also boasts an incredibly bright 640-lumen LED work light that can rotate up to 180 degrees, allowing you to shine light in specific spots when working on various projects. 

As if this thing didn't already boast the height of convenience, the KODA PowerStation also features a wide range of mounting possibilities, like a fold-out hook that you can easily hang overhead or from the hood of your car. It can also hang on a nail in the wall or be mounted on a tripod. In other words, however you need it placed for optimal use, it delivers.

Give the gift of power with the KODA POwerStation this holiday season! 

The KODA PowerStation with wireless charging is 30% off its regular price, making it just $59.99 — put your order in before 12/7 to ensure it gets delivered in time for the holidays! 

Prices subject to change.