Watch "Hardware Wars" in HD

The description of this YouTube claims this HD transfer of the legendary Star Wars parody, Hardware Wars, was done under the supervision of director Ernie Fosselius!

Hardware Wars was a film that every kid at my Elementary school heard about back in the late 1970s, but only one of us had seen. That lucky guy was legendarily retelling the tale for a whole year. In 1997 a special edition was released to lampoon Lucas' Star Wars special editions.

ūüé• TenaaTV presents: Hardware Wars The original Star Wars Parody from 1978! Follow the adventures of Fluke Starbucker, Arty Deco, Ham Salad and the rest of the Red Eye Knights in this spectacle that was light years ahead of its time. For the first time in High Definition. Brand new HD transfer supervised by Director Ernie Fosselius!