District Attorney Sandra Doorley's traffic stop bodycam video exposes entitled meltdown

From our busy "the rules don't apply to the upper crust" reporting desk is today's story of a top prosecutor to behaving like a petulant child when caught breaking rules. Bodycam footage show's Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley throwing a tantrum after getting pulled over for speeding. This county prosecutor, who should know better than to abuse her position, demonstrated the exact opposite of the ethical standards expected from someone tasked with upholding the law.

The video shows Doorley refusing to stop for the officer's flashing lights, superciliously calling the chief of police, demanding "Can you please tell them to leave me alone?" and even mouthing off to the cop by saying "I don't really care" about her 20 mph over the speed limit. She also arrogantly declared, "I know the law better than you" and called the officer an "asshole."

Instead of pulling over, Doorely drove into her garage. She refused the officer's order to step out of the garage. Instead, she handed her phone to the cop and told him to talk to his chief, who was still on the phone. She then told the cop to "just go away."

The Rochester City Council wants the Attorney General Letitia James to investigate this incident, saying it "erodes public trust." Isn't that cute, assuming there's any public trust remaining to erode?

In Doorley's privileged mind, her position entitles her to evade following the same laws she zealously enforces on regular citizens. Her hubris seems to know no bounds, flaunting her "I am THE DA" status as if it places her above basic standards of ethical behavior. And the truth is, it does, and that's why she used it, probably not for the first time in her career.

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