Christie declares Ramaswamy "a jackass" with "a women problem"

"Vivek does have a woman problem."

Famed for spitefully shutting down a bridge, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tore into fellow Republican primary rodeo clown Vivek Ramaswamy for being even more awful than a Republican primary candidate should. Ramaswamy's fascination with attacking the only woman on stage, matched with his "smartass Harvard mouth," won him post-debate ire from the also struggling for attention Christie.

Crooks and Liars:

"I mean, look, I'm a truth teller, Dana. Look, Nikki and I disagree. I don't think Nikki should be president of the United States," he said. "But I'll tell you this. She is a smart woman, and she's an accomplished woman, and she's worked incredibly hard both in South Carolina and in the U.N."

"And I think Vivek does have a woman problem. I do think he insults women's basic intelligence. He has done it over and over and over again," Christie continued. "And I guess tonight I just had had enough. I had enough of listening to his garbage."

"And as I said, his smartass Harvard mouth, because that's what it is," he added. "When he is dictating to me and Nikki Haley, who committed ourselves to public service while he has been off stealing from seniors to make his fortune, yeah, I am not going to put up with him anymore."