MAGA Congressman accuses DOJ of "protecting" Hunter Biden with felony charges (video)

Yesterday, a federal grand jury charged Hunter Biden with felony charges of evading federal taxes on foreign income. He now faces three counts of tax fraud. In September, he was indicted on three charges related to illegally purchasing a handgun when he was prohibited from doing so. If found guilty, he faces a lengthy prison sentence.

In MAGA land, these serious criminal charges are evidence of a deep state coverup to protect the President's son. Consider this extraordinary exchange between CNN's Jake Tapper and Rep. James Comer (R-KY), who does everything he can to suggest that a person facing 17 years in federal prison is being "protected" by the Department of Justice.

"We think there are many more crimes," said Comer. "And my concern is that Weiss may have indicted Hunter Biden to protect him from being deposed in the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday."

Tapper, clearly taken aback, responded with sarcasm, "Ah! Yes! They indicted him to protect him. The classic rubric. He indicted him to protect him. I got it."

Comer continued, "Well, look, Jake, this whole thing's been about a cover-up. You know, you've got two serious—"

Interrupting, Tapper pressed, "That's why he indicted him? To protect him, to cover it up?"

Comer retorted, "Well, look, they indicted him on the least little thing — the gun charge and not paying taxes?"

Tapper countered, "He's facing like 17 additional years in prison."

Comer argued, "Yeah, but look what he's done! Anybody else —"

Tapper reminded Comer, "Those are felonies."

Comer knows nobody is buying his claims. Telling blatant lies is a way of signaling his loyalty to his political leader in order to secure his position of power.