This mini golf simulator is the perfect present for the golfer in your life — and now it's $226 off

TL;DR: If you have a golf fan in your life, we know exactly what you need to get them this holiday season. The TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator will let them practice their swings from inside their living room! While it usually retails for $399, you can get it for just $172.97 through December 17. It's the best price on the web. Plus, if you snag it by December 7, it will arrive on-time for the holidays. 

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is tough. You have to think about their hobbies and interests, but if golf is a true passion, we have the ideal present for them. Every golfer will love this golf simulator, which will help them get the perfect swing from the comfort of their home. And if you want to make it a gift, you'll especially want to hurry: Order it by December 7 to get on-time holiday delivery!

Here's why the golfer in your life will love this tool. The simulator uses special technology to analyze each swing, then provides useful data to explain where the ball would've gone, and why. The data will help the user understand how they need to adjust their swing to get the best result possible. Save money and time thanks to the advice from the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator. There's more…TruGolf gives you lifelike golf almost anywhere, which means you can hang out in your living room and hit a few balls whenever the mood strikes.

It's all done by hooking up to your TV and then you can get a visual interpretation of how your swing would go. It's all decided by studying a user's angle, swing tempo, and more.

What's especially nice is this system doesn't make you stick to the same boring CGI green. Instead, with the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator, you can play on over 100 different virtual golf greens. The simulator provides plenty of variety to keep things interesting!

So, whether you're a golf fan or shopping for the golfer in your life, get the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator this holiday season. It's only $172.97 through December 17, after all!

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