Xitter CEO tries yesterday's slang for today's embarrassment

Hand-picked by Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk to captain his treasured Xitter to success, CEO Linda Yaccarino has once again proven she is out of touch and perhaps as intelligent as her "genius" boss, the Techonking of Mars.

Yacco has welcomed Elon's new baby, the AI Grok, to the world and proclaimed it her best friend. Her communications do seem like they are using AI to write this shit. Maybe Grok did it themselves, and the end is near as a poorly designed misogynist, antisemitic AI does the SkyNet thing.

Naturally, people on the social network had a field day.

"Every Linda tweet reads like it was written by a beta version of ChatGPT that was never released to the larger public bc it failed the Turing test too hard," renowned Twitter user KrangTNelson replied.

Other users expressed more concern.

"Wtf does that even mean?" one user tweeted. "Do you need medical attention?"

"Linda, honey, what the shit does this mean?" another added.

It's far from the first time Yaccarino's comments have been met with a dumbfounded mix of outrage, outright confusion, and pity. Earlier this year, Yaccarino made a perplexing on-stage appearance at The Verge's Code Conference, becoming confrontational in her increasingly desperate attempts to defend Musk's many missteps.