This screwdriver kit is great when you don't want to pull out the whole tool bench

TL;DR: This Electric Precision Screwdriver Kit Pro is a great idea to have in your artillery when a bulky drill and bits can stay on the sidelines. It's here on sale for $94.99 (Reg. ($119).

We love a good home improvement project, but sometimes you don't need the full shebang to get that job done. It's easy enough to strain your back pulling everything out of the garage, but we've got a different option.

If you're looking for something a little bit more compact, this Electric Precision Screwdriver Kit Pro is a cool tool to snag. It's here on sale for $94.99 (Reg. ($119).

Using this kit is ever so simple. With a portable design and clamshell design, you can open and close your kid as you see fit to see what you're working with or hide everything away. When you're ready to put it to use, the 48 accessories included can help you bring any creation to life with a little elbow grease. You'll score suction cups, demaginizers, steel drill bits, and other tools essential to handy work.

When you need to turn your dual-torque precision screwdriver on, the one touch switch makes going electric easier than ever. When it's time to pack it in for the night, the inbox USB-C charging option both keeps things neat and tidy while getting the juice flowing on things like an LED shadowless light and other features outside of its obvious function.

Over the age of 18? Get this Electric Precision Screwdriver Kit Pro, which includes 20 screwdriver bits-28mm, six screwdriver bits-45mm, five opening picks, three short spudgers, a demagnetizer/magnetizer area, long metal spudger, pointed-head spudger, curved-head spudger, spatula, bent tweezers, straight tweezers, suction cup, magnetic pad, wrist strap, type-C cable, and clamshell workstation, for $94.99 (Reg. $119).

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