Ditch your earbuds for the superiority of these open-ear conduction headphones, now only $33.99

TL;DR: Your ears will thank you for switching to these Open-Ear Conduction Stereo Wireless Headphones and ushering in a superior listening experience for yourself. Only pay $33.99 (Reg. $79) and save $45.

Sometimes it feels like technology is moving too fast. It can be rather overwhelming…and even annoying.

But other times, technology moving super fast benefits us all.

Earbuds will seem so dated once you discover the Open-Ear Conduction Stereo Wireless Headphones. These babies are as light as a feather and as comfy as your favorite hoodie, making them perfect for everything from your morning jog to those endless Zoom meetings.

With these headphones, you're listening to your favorite tunes and staying connected to the world. Thanks to the ambient sound awareness, you'll still hear that car horn or the barista calling out your extra-shot, oat milk latte. And forget about the days of playing hide and seek with your earbuds; these headphones stay put like they're glued on (but, you know, comfortable).

Crafted from the kind of soft plastic that dreams are made of, these headphones come with a nifty USB charger and promise a solid 6 hours of jamming out. The dual bud design syncs up with any Bluetooth-enabled device faster than you can say "playlist." And for those of you who are always on call, these headphones have got a built-in mic to keep you connected.

Bone conduction technology means these headphones sit pretty on your ears and deliver sound straight to your inner ear – like a secret whisper from your favorite artist. And with IPX6 water resistance, bring on the sweat, rain, or rogue sprinklers.

App-integrated? You bet. They're BFFs with SIRI and other voice command apps. So, ready to ditch the earbud-ache and embrace a world where comfort, quality, and connectivity coexist?

These open-ear conduction stereo wireless headphones are calling your name. Pay a mere $33.99 (Reg. $79), saving $45, for a superior listening experience.

Prices subject to change.