Need a last-minute present? Gift someone the ability to speak Spanish for under $100

TL;DR: The Rosetta Stone program, which has earned multiple accolades and five-star reviews, makes it easier than ever to speak a different language. Now, you can gift someone a lifetime subscription to learn Spanish for an incredible price. While the Rosetta Stone subscription usually costs $299, you can now get it for just $95.99 through December 25. Just use the code SAVENOW!

There are so many benefits to learning another language: It makes it easier to travel to another country, it can come in handy for many jobs, and in general, it expands your mind. Now, you can actually gift somebody the ability to speak another language.

It's all possible with a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, which makes learning Spanish easier than ever. While it usually costs $299, you can get it for just $95.99 through December 25 by using the code SAVENOW at checkout.

It's not just the low cost that makes it such an appealing gift. Since it's a digital gift, you don't have to worry about shipping or it arriving in time for the holidays. It's perfect for those stressing about last-minute shopping!

(Note: This Rosetta Stone subscription is only for learning Spanish.)

The Rosetta Stone program is so trusted, it's used by organizations like NASA and TripAdvisor. It was even named the Best Language-Learning Software five years in a row by PC Magazine! It works because it was designed by linguistics experts to make picking up a new language a more manageable, dynamic process.

You'll use both audio and text to become properly immersed in the Spanish language, including the TruAccent speech recognition feature, which gives you feedback to ensure you're actually pronouncing words correctly.

Plus, the quick lessons means you can easily practice every day, even when you're low on time, whether you use the app on your phone or the desktop program. This allows you to consistently focus on your goal of becoming fluent in Spanish!

Simply put, the Rosetta Stone is as satisfying to do as it is genuinely beneficial to subscribers. That's the perfect gift, right? So, if you want to give your loved one a present that will actually make their life better (and be there on Christmas day!), get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish for only $95.99. Just remember to use the code SAVENOW.

Prices subject to change.