Q Shaman angrily shouts and stalks Matt Gaetz after huge snubs at Turning Point

The shameless GOP had no problem letting Capitol insurrectionist Jacob Chansley — aka the Q Shaman — into the Turning Point USA conference over the weekend, but that doesn't mean everyone there (ahem, Matt Gaetz) welcomed him with open arms.

In fact, Gaetz completely snubbed Chansley — caught on video not once but twice — after the shaman tried to talk to Gaetz and snap a selfie with him. And this led the unhinged MAGA man to push people out of the way as he stomped around the event, shouting about and to Gaetz, at one point calling the Florida Congressman a "freaking coward" and accusing him of stealing his campaign platform.

"And these are the people representing Americans? And they can't even speak to an American? He was saying my name! All over Spaces," shouted the Jan. 6 rioter, who served 27 months in prison for his crimes, after one of the snubs. "He won't even talk to me! These are big names that claim they're for the little guy getting screwed by the big machine, and he will not talk to me." (See videos below, the third video posted by MTN's Ron Filipkowski.)

At least there's always Marjorie Taylor Greene to embrace the bottom of the circus barrel. And that she did, gushing as she posed with the desperate Q Shaman in a photo op he was finally able to snag.