Vivek Ramaswamy tells CNN's Van Jones to "Just shut the f*ck up" (video)

The MAGA party sure knows how to pick 'em when it comes to contenders for the presidency. Not only is their frontrunner, cult leader Donald Trump, a self-proclaimed pussy grabber, but the pipsqueak campaigning in his shadow is now hurling the F word at anyone who might criticize him.

"Just shut the fuck up," the Republican said on stage in Phoenix, Arizona at Turning Point USA's Americafest conference, still smarting after CNN's Van Jones called him "dangerous" and criticized him for being "an American demagogue who's gonna live 50 years longer than Trump."

"At a certain point, just shut the fuck up," Ramaswamy repeated. And it looks like viewers of the last primary debate would like sore loser Ramaswamy — who "significantly underperformed" and dropped to last place, according to his latest dismal polling numbers — to do the same. (See video below, posted by Brian Krassenstein.)

Via Daily Beast