Upgrade your vehicle to a smart car for just $109.97

TL;DR: Have you ever been in someone else's car and gotten jealous over the fancy features — like touchscreen maps and apps — they have?  Well, you can get that in any vehicle now with this Car Display, which features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support. While it usually costs $199, you can now get it for just $109.97.

Driving a car is something most adults do every day, but not all vehicles are built equally. Many these days have a smart screen that gives you easy access to maps, phone calls, messages, and apps. If that's not the case with your car, don't worry — this incredible smart car display is on sale now.

While this 10" Touchscreen Wireless Car Display, which has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Support, Bluetooth capability, and WiFi acesss, usually costs $199, now you can get it for just $109.97 (no coupons needed). That's all it takes to upgrade your vehicle to make driving easier and more entertaining than ever.

Here's what you get with this Car Display: As it runs on an Android 12 operating system and is compatible with Apple CarPlay, you can easily connect your phone apps so they feature on the car display. With just the swipe of your finger, you can make calls, send text messages, and navigate your way through traffic jams with Waze, using either WiFi or your phone's hotspot (the Car Display can run off both!).

We also love the built-in speaker which makes phone calls via the Car Display crisper and clearer, the FM transmission so you can listen to the radio when you're not in the mood to listen to your own playlists, and the Parking Assistant, which helps you see what's behind you to make parking simpler (although you'll need your own rear camera for this to properly work).

We spend hours each week in a car. Make it an easier, more enjoyable experience with this 10" Touchscreen Wireless Car Display, on sale now for only $109.97. 

Prices subject to change.