Noted antisemite loses millions failing to renovate beachfront home

Antisemite Kanye "Ye" West has lost money on beachfront real estate in California.

Kanye West somehow managed to lose money on beachfront real estate in California; where real estate is almost always guaranteed to appreciate wildly. Cashflow issues, largely resulting from the business he lost due to public pronunciations of antisemitism, forced him to let go of a partially renovated Malibu beach home.

Rapper and designer Kanye West, now going by the moniker Ye, is ditching his Tadao Ando-designed Malibu masterpiece for $53 million — a few years after splurging $57.25 million on the coastal crib.

Insiders tell The Post that a concoction of factors, including the artist's shaky finances, played a key role in his decision to unload this unique oceanfront abode, even at a loss.

"Much of the architectural integrity and the architectural value of the house exists," he adds.

NY Post