Stormy Daniels arrest was pre-planned by high-ranking Columbus police detectives, according to whistleblower emails

A whistleblower inside the Columbus, Ohio Police Department forwarded a series of smoking-gun emails between high-ranking Columbus police detectives and vice officers that reveal Stormy Daniels arrest for allowing undercover vice squad members to touch her in a strip club was premeditated. Read the rest

Hundreds of cops misuse databases yearly, says report

An investigation by the Associated Press found 675 police officers were jailed or disciplined for misusing police databases from 2013 to 2015, and that's just the ones who were caught. Read the rest

Grieving mom says 'dirty' police detective stole dead son's money after heroin overdose

A police detective in Rock Falls, Illinois has been arrested for stealing more than $1,700 in cash found on the body of a man who died of a heroin overdose. Detective Sgt. Veronica Jaramillo, 43, was taken into police custody on May 17, 2016 by Illinois State Police and charged with theft and official misconduct. Read the rest