Nikki Haley has caught up to Trump in latest poll of New Hampshire Republicans: 29% to 33%, within error margin

Nikki Haley is within short-fingered range of Donald Trump in New Hampshire, where one of the first GOP primary races will be posted. She is now within 4% of the former president, which as The Guardian reports is within the poll's margin of error.

In an American Research Group Inc poll released on Thursday which had asked voters whom they preferred in the New Hampshire primary scheduled for 23 January, Haley earned 29% support to Trump's 33%. That meant the gap between Haley and Trump was within the survey's 4% margin of error after the former president had long held dominating polling leads in the race for the 2024 Republican White House nomination.

Pundits claim that the Colorado Supreme Court kicking Trump off the primary ballot there will only guarantee his victory–all with that that "alas!" frown that supposedly reasonable conservatives adopt while smiling creamily behind their never-Trump masks. I don't like Nikki Haley much but I like her showing that Trump is fact a widely-loathed bully and that he needs all those media quislings to keep him rolling.