Nikki Haley's horrid sweaters

At Jezebel, revived under new management, Susan Rinkunas reviews Nikki Haley's fascinatingly bad sweaters.

Haley looks like your kooky aunt, if that aunt also spews hateful garbage about transgender people, lies constantly about abortion, and tosses off unbelievably racist comments with disturbing ease. She's mostly wearing sweaters to town hall events, so maybe she believes channeling "kooky Republican aunt" will help voters relate to her. But you'd think that someone running for the nomination of a notoriously sexist party would opt for clothing that doesn't draw attention.

It struck me that it's a style intended to make New York Times writers think she's the moderate of their dreams, but when I went to look for a fresh article about her being moderate, I found that The Seattle Times was where it's at: "Nikki Haley's Civil War uproar risks eroding a moderate coalition." But then I scrolled down and saw the fine print at the bottom of the article: "This story was originally published at"