No fourth term for Bolivia's Morales

Evo Morales, Bolivia's first indingenous president, was popular until he tried to get himself an unconstitutional new term in office. Ousted in a 2019 coup, he fled the country, returned after his allies won the next election, then fell out with them and started planning to run again in next year's election. The country's constitutional court has now foreclosed this possibility, affirming Bolivia's term limits.

The court's decision means that people in Bolivia can serve no more than two terms as president — either consecutively or not. Morales has said he wanted to run for president in 2025, as he locks horns with Arce, who had been his ally and served as economy minister for most of Morales' time in power since 2006. The about-face by the Constitutional Court is based on criteria of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, which does not consider re-election to be a human right.

The unsettled politics there are easy to explain. Here's Elon Musk giving the most crude and bullshitty version of it his imprimatur: