Moms For Liberty school board member liberated $728 worth of stuff at Target, say police. She's been charged with shoplifting.

Target is often the target of conservative boycotts, but it wasn't too woke for Moms For Liberty school board member Keri Blair, accused of shoplifting $728.61 in merchandise from the store in Collierville, Tennessee over seven occasions late last year.

According to police reports, Blair "skip-scanned" items at the self-checkout. This entails sliding an item over the scanner without beeping it. Target reputedly allows shoplifters to continue unchallenged, sometimes for months, after detection. Instead of reporting them, it documents their activities until they meet local thresholds for substantial criminal sanctions. Blair faces seven counts of property theft, reports Action News 5, covering store visits in November and December last year. She is free on a $7,500 bond.

Blair quit her school board post, citing "personal, family reasons," having held the spot since November 2022.

Target's thorough surveillance operation has established it as the worst place to shoplift from. This is unlike Home Depot, where no-one has shopped since the Obama administration without walking out with an extra bag of screws or an oblong pencil.