Former county clerk Kim Davis hit with $360K bill for denying gay marriage licenses

Kim Davis, the evangelical Christian known for forcing her homophobic religious beliefs on gay couples seeking marriage licenses, has been ordered to pay $260,000 in legal fees, according to The Guardian.

Davis, who has been married four times, must also pay $100,000 in damages for her refusal to provide a marriage certificate to the suing couple.

Davis's lawyer said her client shouldn't have to pay so much money for her egregious refusal to carry out her duty, but US district judge David L Bunning didn't agree. The plaintiff's won the lawsuit, and Davis lost, so she is responsible for the legal bill.

Liberty Counsel, the far-right Christian organization that provided Davis with her legal representation, plans to appeal the decision.

Fun fact: Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, falsely claimed in October 2015 that 100,000 people in Peru rallied to support Davis. This event was proven to have occurred over a year earlier and was unrelated to Davis's case.