Flight delay ends revelers hopes for a "double New Year"

Rather than celebrating New Year's Eve twice in one day, celebrants got to spend 6 hours waiting around an airport!

I am no longer excited about New Year's Eve, and the idea of rushing to fly from time to time zone to celebrate extra seems misguided. If you are one of the folks who would like to try such a thing, know that usually, the flight is on time, but because the universe hates fun, for NYE 2023, it was not.

"You only live once, but you can celebrate New Year's Eve twice," the airline tweeted at the time.

While the trip was meant to land in Honolulu at 6:50 pm on December 31 local time, a lengthy delay forced passengers to land in the wrong year. The flight was a whopping six hours late because of a late inbound flight — which meant that it landed 30 minutes after midnight.

"Great idea, too bad it got delayed!" one traveler tweeted. "I was supposed to be on this flight. Double new year isn't happening anymore. Maybe next year?"