"We are all Spartacus if we want to be": journalist and filmmaker John Pilger dies at 84

John Pilger, ethically-minded filmmaker, journalist and vocal critic of American and British foreign policy, passed away on Dec 30. For decades, Pilger was a constant, unrepentant voice in independent journalism, concerned with truthful, first hand reporting everywhere from war-era Vietnam to post-economic sanctions, pre-war Iraq.

Pilger was quick to pinpoint the causes of human suffering and didn't flinch from maintaining his opinions, even throughout lawsuits and physical danger. His critical view of world politics and straightforward reporting style made him a controversial figure with head programmers and politicians alike. But for readers and viewers eager to learn the effects of American and British imperialist policy, Pilger was the definitive source for independent, honest reporting.

Consortium News, where Pilger was a contributor, remembers him.