SpaceX sued for firing staff who criticized Elon Musk

Having a boss who is always online doing and saying bizarre and disreputable things is a hazard to workers at SpaceX: criticize Elon and you get fired. Some of those thusly dealt with are now suing their former employer.

Last year, a group of SpaceX employees drafted an open letter to express concerns about how Musk's behavior "is a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment." At the time, Musk was in the process of trying to acquire Twitter, which he later renamed X after taking control of the company. SpaceX subsequently fired the employees who helped write the letter.

In the complaint filed on Wednesday, the NLRB accuses SpaceX of interrogating workers about their involvement with the letter and told employees not to discuss these interviews. NLRB spokesperson Kayla Blado told Reuters that SpaceX violated the federal right of workers to collectively push for better conditions.

Musk is a big loud mess, but in the long run the most pressing thing about him is that he's a key U.S. defense contractor who is in bed with foreign adversaries, and the outcome of that will be a small quiet tidy.