Start 2024 off on the right foot by becoming a Microsoft Excel pro for just $35!

TL:DR; Be more efficient with your workflow in the new year with huge savings on The 2024 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Training Bundle! The 16-course e-learning program is deeply discounted to just $35, saving you literal hundreds — but it'll only be around through 1/7!

Whether you're meticulously budgeting for a new house or analyzing how much your small business made over the last year, handling complex numbers and data can be overwhelming. That's why so many people turn to Microsoft Excel, one of the most popular data-processing apps to crunch numbers and handle large amounts of information. 

While Microsoft Excel reigns supreme in the world of formulating and handling data, it can be incredibly confusing to use if you don't know what you're doing. But thanks to the training courses offered in The 2024 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Training Bundle, you can easily get a handle on all the app's different formulas and shortcuts to help you get the very most out of Excel without breaking a sweat, no matter if you've used the app in the past or have never made a spreadsheet in your life.

If you want to stay organized and on top of things at the top of 2024, starting your education in everything Microsoft Excel is a smart move, especially when the entire 16-course program is deeply discounted to a mere $35 through 1/7. Through carefully crafted lessons and helpful visuals, you'll learn everything from how to efficiently enter data to how to use advanced analysis techniques to forecast your finances. There's even an entire course dedicated to using Excel on your Mac, allowing Apple enthusiasts to take advantage of Excel's data processing tools even if they don't have a PC.

Each of the program's courses is led by Simon Sez IT at StreamSkill, an experienced online education hub that specializes in software training. Boasting 750,000 Udemy students in more than 180 countries, Simon Sez IT continues to earn high ratings, helping big businesses and independent professionals grow online.

Start 2024 off right by enrolling in these online courses and become a Microsoft Excel whiz!

The 2024 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Training Bundle is deeply discounted to just $35, over $300 off its regular rate — but it'll only be around through 1/7 until 11:59pm PT. 

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