COVID-19 was deployed as a weapon in globalist scheme to dethrone Trump, says Kari Lake

Perpetual whiner Kari Lake appeared on the far-right news network, Real America's Voice, to share her grievances. She paints a grim picture of the United States under the rule of globalists and a shadowy group she referred to as "they," whom she accuses of deploying COVID-19 as a weapon to thwart Donald Trump.

During the interview, the host of Real America's Voice questioned Lake about the strategies employed by these alleged adversaries. "They've already pulled COVID on us, right? And killed how many of us. They've already stolen elections. They've already destroyed all of our basic rights in our constitution to try to steal. They can't win based on principle or ideals. What do we do? What's the answer here?" the host asked, implying a series of orchestrated attacks against American values and Trump's presidency.

In response, Lake said, "These are some of the most corrupt, disgusting, evil people in the world." She accused them of relentlessly pushing a globalist agenda without regard for the destruction they cause. Lake emphasized that the prime target of these efforts is Donald Trump, whom she believes stands as the most significant barrier to their plans. "And the one man that's most dangerous to that globalist agenda, which by the way will be the end of America, the globalist agenda, the one man standing in their way is the man you just saw on your screen, President Donald J. Trump," she stated.

Lake further alleged that to undermine Trump, these forces have gone to great lengths, including unleashing viruses, destroying economies, and attempting to shut down the country.

Kari Lake is a real buzzkill.