Trump encourages election interference in Iowa

Claiming that his Republican opponents are experts at cheating and stealing elections, out-on-bail fraudster Donald Trump told his cult members to hang out in voting booths and to look for bags of crap at the Iowa Republican Caucuses. Trump goes on to encourage his adherents to take action and stop those bags of crap!

Everyone is always cheating except Trump. Everything is stacked against Trump, and yet he somehow manages to prevail with the help of his cultist's donations. Buy an NFT and fight the injustice. Does Trump not realize he is on trial for election interference? He is accused of ordering his mob to attack the Capitol, and now he's asking the Iowa division of the MAGA moron brigade to do what at the caucuses? Here we go again…2024 will be a very rough year.

Also: Trump was on about magnets, amongst other idiotic things. The 91 times indicted rapist also spoke about how well he puts his pants on every day.

Donald Trump spoke in Mason City, Iowa where he weighed in on two unique subjects: magnets and his potential hesitancy towards putting on his pants.

Trump weighed in on magnets while discussing the elevators on the USS Gerald R. Ford. Trump began by enthusiastically telling the crowd that he could tell them about aircraft carriers but then volunteered his knowledge on magnets while speaking on the subject.