If it isn't drugs, Musk is a piece of work

Following a Wall Street Journal article on how noted asshole Elon Musk's apparent drug use is scaring employees and investors alike, Musk denies all allegations.

Stories about Elon Musk being on drugs during important meetings, and at critical moments of time, are not new. Accusations that his employees and investors are unhappy about it are not new. Drug use seems to explain a lot about Mr. "I didn't mean to spend $44B on that" Musk's behavior, but nope! He's just that guy.

The billionaire has since downplayed the stunt on Rogan's show, claiming he only took "one puff" of marijuana on the podcast and telling biographer Walter Isaacson, "I really don't like doing illegal drugs."

According to Musk, he agreed to undergo random drug testing for three years after his appearance on the podcast—and claimed "not even trace quantities were found of any drugs or alcohol" have been found in his body since.

Alex Spiro, an attorney for Musk, also confirmed to the Wall Street Journal the billionaire has "never failed a test," and said the newspaper's report included "false facts"—but did not disclose what those were.