Iggy Pop's cockatoo, Biggy Pop, loves dancing and bobbing his head to Snoop Dogg

Way back in 2016 we brought you the delightful news that punk legend Iggy Pop has a parrot named Biggy Pop. In case you've missed this charming pair I'm here to report that the dynamic duo is still going strong. Biggy Pop isn't just any parrot, though, he's a Moluccan Cockatoo, one of the largest of the white cockatoo species. 

Biggy Pop is still active on social media, so if you haven't seen Biggy and Iggy hanging out, listening to music together, and more, you really should go see for yourself. While we earlier reported that Biggy is a fan of Biggie Smalls, Iggy recently posted a video of Biggy Pop dancing and bobbing his head to some Snoop Dogg. You should go watch—it's absolutely adorable!

For more of Iggy Pop and Biggy Pop, follow their adventures on Biggy Pop's Instagram.