iPhone survives 16,000-foot drop after Alaska Airlines blowout

An iPhone has survived being sucked out of the Alaskan Airlines 737-Max disaster and falling 16,000 feet to the ground.

My iPhone does ok, but somehow, my daughter's iPhone breaks the screen if she looks at it sideways. We long ago took to keeping the glass screen protectors on them, but I suspect it wouldn't have helped had the phone that left Alaskan Airlines malfunctioning 737.

During the aftermath, Seanathan Bates found an iPhone, which had fallen from the aircraft, while walking on Barnes Road. The in-flight activation of the device was turned on, and Bates shared photos of the iPhone on social media, sparking speculation about its model—potentially an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro. Despite the unusual incident, the discovered iPhone was in good condition, protected by a case.

Bates' post gained significant attention on social media, amassing 6.6 million views and 41,000 likes. Alaska Flight 1282, involved in the emergency, reported a "pressurization issue" shortly after take-off.

"Wow. I drop mine out of my pocket, it breaks. This one from 16k, just fine… SMH. Good find!", a user commented.

"Two decades later, a replacement for the 'indestructible' Nokia 3310 has finally arrived! Try beating a depressurization and free fall from 16,000ft!", another user wrote.