Lauren Boebert's ex-husband arrested after threatening teen son with rifle

After a public fight at a restaurant on Saturday between Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert and her ex-hubby Jayson Boebert — in which she claimed, "I didn't punch Jayson in the face and no-one was arrested" — police records show that indeed, Jayson was arrested. But the arrest came three days later, after Jayson became physically violent not with Lauren, but with their 18-year-old son, Tyler Boebert.

Around 1am on Tuesday, after staggering home from a bar, the 43-year-old father picked a fight with Tyler when he noticed the teen's 9-month-old baby sleeping on top of clothes stuffed into a laundry basket, reported The Colorado Sun. According to a police report, Jayson's speech was slurred as he "began hitting him in the legs and tried to grab his phone." He also bizarrely shoved his hand inside Tyler's mouth, as if he wanted to yank out one of the young man's teeth. From The Colorado Sun:

After grabbing the phone, Jayson Boebert allegedly threw the device and then shoved his son, while sticking his thumb in his mouth in a way Tyler Boebert felt his father was going to "pull his tooth out," the report said.

Jayson Boebert then pushed a woman, the manager of a bar in New Castle who had driven him home and was trying to break up the fight, according to the report. 

Tyler Boebert told police he called law enforcement after talking to his mother for about a minute.

When his father saw him on the phone with dispatch, Jayson Boebert picked up a rifle, according to the report. Tyler Boebert said there were many firearms in the house and could not describe what type of weapon his father was carrying. …

Police were concerned about being ambushed, knowing that Jayson Boebert armed himself after learning that law enforcement had been contacted, the report said. 

The violent gun-toting offender was charged with five misdemeanors for the assault against his son, according to Business Insider via Yahoo!, while police charged him with two more misdemeanors for his behavior over the weekend with Lauren Boebert. He has since been released from the county jail after posting bail of $2,500.