Lauren Boebert's ex Jayson accused her of domestic violence during restaurant row. He was arrested.

UPDATE: Jayson Boebert was arrested three days after the restaurant altercation, reportedly for a different one, and ultimately charged over both incidents.

More information emerged Wednesday about the "altercation" reported between Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and her ex-husband Jayson in a Colorado restaurant, after which she issued the intriguingly specific statement "I didn't punch Jayson in the face and no-one was arrested."

The BBC today reports that Jayson was, in fact, arrested by officers with Silt Police Department.

Jail records seen by the BBC show Mr Boebert was arrested and subsequently released.

He had been the one who called police following the restaurant incident and claimed he was a victim of domestic violence during the altercation, according to CBS News, the BBC's partner in the US.

"She punched him in the face and he was arrested" is a multifariously depressing assumption, but Boebert's recent history of public misconduct and deception make it inevitable. (Update: CNN has details on the incident.)

How can a restaurant fight between such a famously belligerent and exhibitionist member of Congress and her loser, sex-offender ex not have been filmed by other diners?

Jayson Boebert told the Denver Post that he has no interest in charges being pressed and described the incident to them as a "difficult conversation".

The restaurant, The Miner's Claim in Silt, has solid writeups but is getting a thorough review-bombing by trolls: e.g. "Come by if you want to see your pathetic excuse of a congressional representative get into a public fight with her husband," and "Food is fantastic and if you're lucky Lauren Boebert will punch you in the face!"

For the time being, they'll just have to roll with it.