Give your Apple TV a blast from the past with this traditional button remote, now under $27!

TL;DR: Miss your trusty remote from the '90s but don't want to give up your Apple TV streaming capabilities? Give your Apple TV a blast from the past with this button remote from Function101, now only $26.97 (reg. $29) through January 14!

While Apple TVs are some of the most popular, well-reviewed television sets for their streamlined look and easy streaming power, their remotes aren't the easiest to use. If you're missing that user-friendly button remote you had in the '90s, you might want to consider giving your Apple TV a blast from the past!

For anyone wanting an easier Apple TV navigation experience, it's time to grab the Function101 button remote. It's fully compatible with any Apple TV or other 4K TVs, and it's now on sale for only $26.97 (reg. $29) through January 14!

Perfect for young kids and anyone who finds the standard Apple TV remote difficult to maneuver due to its lack of buttons, the Function101 is designed to be sleek and stylish but with all the clearly labeled buttons you love. It's designed with infrared technology to seamlessly sync with your Apple TV for easy muting (when you want to binge The Crown while working from home!), powering on and off, channel changing, and more. You can say goodbye to using voice functions with the Function101!

Plus, you can use the Function101 button remote from as far as 12 meters away from your Apple TV. Cooking in the kitchen and want to watch your favorite comfort show (aka Gilmore Girls!) on the living room TV while cheffing up? It's easy as pie with this ultra-functional remote! 

Control your Apple TV more easily with a remote designed to be incredibly user-friendly.

Grab the Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV and Apple TV 4K for just $26.97 through January 14 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. No coupon necessary!

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