Lil Nas X drops first new music in a year, to howls of complaint from right-wing evangelists

If there's one modern artist who thrives on controversy, it's Lil Nas X. The rapper seems intent on pushing every boundary he can and shocking the sensibilities of… well, anyone older than 30 able to sputter "blasphemy!" (but certainly not Dolly Parton). He seems to be doubling down on taking aim at hardline Christians after shocking the world with his Call Me By Your Name music video, having dropped a new clip apparently expressing his newfound faith while decrying those who would deny it to him.

Whatever its intention, it's certainly racking up the views, attracting both supporters and accusations of blasphemy in droves- where were these detractors the other thousand times an artist has posed on a cross, though?

If the goal was to be provocative, it's certainly worked.