"Cowgirl Chanel" showcases the "power, authenticity, and creativity of the Black cowgirl" and creates beautiful hair pieces for horses

Meet Chanel Rhodes, aka "Cowgirl Chanel," a first-generation African American English and Western equestrian who is trying to bring more diverse representation to the historically Eurocentric sport. She also creates and sells hair pieces for horses through her company, Mane Tresses. She explains the passion behind her business:

In February 2019, a cloudy day of Black History Month, I decided to create a hair piece for my horse that would showcase the power, authenticity and creativity of the Black cowgirl. This piece was known as "Afrocentric Pony" and sparked a journey of whimsy and fun now known as Mane Tresses. 

The creation of beautiful and fun, cruelty, and chemical-free hairpieces showcases coordination between horse and rider with style and grace. I went on a mission to develop an easy to install and maintain hairpiece for horses and ponies alike to combine my love for horses, art, and style. 

On her Facebook page, Cowgirl Chanel shared that one of her Mane Tresses manes was recently featured in a a Lancôme commercial starring Zendaya:

This was cool! The horse Zendaya was riding was wearing a mane by Mane Tresses in. All the stars ARE closer.

To learn more about Chanel and Mane Tresses, here's a great feature piece in Shoutout LA. You can also see her work on InstagramTikTokFacebook, or her website.