Reflecting on 48 years of congoing, and what the years to come should be

Scott Edelman writes, "I devoted my World Fantasy Convention Guest of Honor speech to talk about my 48 years of attending convention, and about what they’ve been, what they are, what they could be, and what they should be." Read the rest

California bans all-male corporate boards

As of 2019, publicly traded California corporations will have to have at least one woman board-member or face fines; the minimum number of woman board members climbs to two in 2020 (three for companies with boards of six or more people). Read the rest

Beneath the Sugar Sky: return to the world of "Every Heart a Doorway" for a quest through the land of Confection

Beneath the Sugar Sky is the third novella in Seanan McGuire's wonderful Wayward Children series, following from 2016's Every Heart a Doorway and 2017's Down Among the Sticks and Bones, chronicling the lives of the children who've accidentally returned from the magical kingdoms they adventured in, who haunt Eleanor West's Home for Wayward Children praying that the door to their true homes will return and they can vanish into it forever.

Kickstarting a diverse anthology of middle-grades science fiction

Corie J Weaver writes to tell us that Dreaming Robot (previously is kickstarting its latest science fiction anthology for kids, The Young Explorer's Adventure Guide, "the fourth collection of science fiction stories for middle grade readers, with a focus on diversity and representation." Read the rest

Reza Aslan explains why we need more Muslim representation on TV

In a new video for Vox, writer and religious scholar Reza Aslan discusses the importance of representation and why we need a show like Modern Family centered on Muslim characters.

[via Mic] Read the rest

Watch a young black female coder interview the stars of Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures—which tells the previously untold story of three black women who were influential in NASA’s Apollo program—is one of my favorite films I’ve seen in a long time. And in this wonderful video, 15-year-old Giovanna from Black Girls Code interviews the stars of the film about its message and the importance of representation. As Janelle Monáe puts it, “Hopefully when [young girls interested in STEM] watch this, you’ll realize that your dream is valid and you are the coolest girls around the planet.”

You can learn more on, which is built by Black Girls Code.

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