"I don't even see our American flag anymore!" — Sobbing MAGA woman begs Trump to save her

The MAGA woman in this video, a supporter of Donald Trump, expresses a profound sense of distress and disorientation in the face of changes under the Satanic Biden administration as she begs Trump to save her

"President Trump," she begins with a cracking voice and frequent pauses to sob, "if you see this, please save us. I don't even see our American flag anymore. Biden's talking with some kind of crazy flag. This is America. This is our land. Please, President Trump. Please, please. I hope you have a plan. God, please save us. Save us from the Devil, please. Y 'all, I'm about to have a panic attack. This is our country. Our country. This is awful. God, please save us, please."

Imagine what she'd say if the milkshake machine at her local McDonald's broke.

Please, President Trump, the milkshake machine at McDonald's is busted again. I can't even get a milkshake anymore. Can you fix it? Please. Please. Please fix it, President Trump. They got computers in there that take my order. They people are gone. Where'd they go? We need you to make things right again. This country used to be about people, not broken machines. Bring back the America where a person could get a milkshake without seeing a broken machine and a god-hating robot. Please, we're counting on you.

Crying MAGA Karen begs Trump the messiah to save America from the evil baby-killing communists
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