"I'm voting for him anyway": Watch MAGA supporters cling to Trump, deny the Moon landing, and insist the world is flat

"It feels like you're in the Twilight Zone," says The Good Liars' Jason Selvig about interviewing MAGA cultists at a Trump rally. "It's a different reality."

In one clip, Selvig's partner, Davram Stiefler, interviews a man wearing a T-shirt with Trump's mugshot, and the words "Never Surrender." Stiefler points out to the man that the photo was taken after Trump surrendered to the police.

"Yeah, but we're never gonna surrender," says the MAGA man.

"But that's a picture of the moment he turned himself in," says Stiefler. "He surrendered."

"But what surrender?" says the MAGA man. "There's no surrender."

"A lot of these conversations end with that," Stiefler says. "Where you can point out the hypocrisy of something or, in that case, just straight-up 'this is literally the only picture you should not have picked of Donald Trump with "Never Surrender" on it.' And it just ends with, 'Well, I'm gonna vote for him anyway.'"

Watch the video below for more interviews with very stable MAGA geniuses, in which they lavish praise on Trump, declare Earth to be flat, and state their belief that people never went to the Moon.