Salad that looks fresher probably is fresher

Listen, I'm desperate enough for non-Trump content to blog this, but the people at Mashed have developed an incredible technique for finding a fresh bag of salad at the market: Look at it.

I love an excellent bagged salad, and my tip is to open all the little ingredient packets, dump them back in the bag with the dressing, and shake it all up! That way, the salad is "tossed' and ready for dining without messing up a serving bowl. The first time I asked my daughter to shake the salad up, however, she didn't realize the bag wasn't somehow self-resealing. We had salad on the walls and ceiling!

Salads are a tasty and easy way to get some vegetables into your diet, but they can be expensive and time-consuming to assemble and prepare, so many opt for simple bagged salads instead. Unfortunately, the prepackaged greens aren't always in top condition when they reach your supermarket's produce section. However, there's an easy way to find the freshest ones; All it requires is a glance at the bottom of the bag.

Savvy shoppers should examine the bottom of the bag because that's where they'll most likely find the slimy, wilted, ugly-looking pieces that can ruin your salad. This is due to basic science. As the leaves degrade, they become denser, while the moisture that builds on their exterior helps them slide down over time. If you see more than a few of these leaves collected in the bag, it's worth grabbing another, regardless of what the date on the package may say.


At least we aren't calling it a "hack."