Giant steer Old Ben, at 4,585 pounds, was the world's largest in 1910

Old Ben was the world's largest: this giant steer weighed 125 pounds when he was born in 1902, and died at more than 4,585 pounds in 1910. He was 6.5 feet tall and 16.25 feet long! In this fantastic photo of Old Ben, you can see just how large he was when compared to a person standing in front of him. I wonder how much he ate everyday? 

Circus owners often tried to buy the giant steer to display him in sideshows, but his owners never accepted these offers. Instead, they showed him themselves in a private tent at various fairs. Sadly, Ben was put down after an accident in 1910 when he slipped on ice and broke his leg.

From Got Weird:

"Old Ben's fame did not end with his death. His hide was sent to a taxidermist in New York, where it was stuffed and mounted for posterity. Wheels were added to his platform so his owners could continue to display him until they sold their farm in 1919.

For a period of time, Old Ben went into semi-retirement, only emerging for special events and publicity shots. But in 1989 the world record holder again became a full-time public attraction when he was placed inside a glass-enclosed pavilion next to the world's largest Sycamore Tree Stump in Kokomo's Highland Park. Unfortunately, vandals struck in 2004 and stole Ben's tail. Three normal-size steer tails had to be stitched together to create a new one."