Man jailed for locking his son in concrete cell asks for release, claiming he dislikes prison life

Florida man Timothy Ferriter, 48), is in prison for forcing his 14-year-old son to live in a locked, windowless concrete cell for periods of up to 18 hours a day. He was sentenced in November 2023 to 10 years in prison after being convicted of aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment.

This week, he told the judge that he finds being locked in a concrete cell not to his liking and requested to be transferred to home confinement.

During his sentencing, Mr. Ferriter told the judge, "Everything I did was out of love." Here's hoping the judge shows Mr. Ferriter the same kind of love right back.

Meanwhile, in the Republic of Texas, a rap artist who performs under the name Viper, was arrested for kidnapping a woman and keeping her locked in his garage for four years.