The bizarre new YouTube channel being run by a major pop star

Longtime fans of immensely popular singer Joji are likely to know him by another name: Filthy Frank, the crass, irreverent YouTube comedy persona (which hasn't always been used for good) that made waves in the early 2010s before being retired to focus on his music career.

Years after Filthy Frank's final video and Joji's transition to the emo sadboy image he projects now, he's revived that hyper-niche genre of crude low-budget comedy with Plummcorp Records, his self-owned record label slash clothing company slash, bizarrely, comedy YouTube channel.

Decidedly Filthy Frank-esque videos notably not featuring any actual Filthy Frank characters are regularly being uploaded, often soaring past the million-views mark. Be warned of somewhat explicit language, to put it lightly.

It's refreshing to see Joji return to comedy as a side hobby without the pressures that come with a massive, invested audience. Plummcorp might be shitposting, but for many who grew up in the digital age it's familiar, nostalgic shitposting.