This young woman delivers "monstrous and magical" record-breaking burps (video)

Meet Kimberly "Kimycola" Winter, 33, who last summer earned the Guinness World Record for the loudest burp in the world produced by a woman. The belch measured 107.3 decibels, louder than some motorcycle engines when revved at full throttle. A highpoint of her illustrious career was the time a bar owner booted her for belching.

According to Guinness, "When trying to burp loudly, Kimberly says she takes a deep breath in and then tries to 'manipulate that into something monstrous and magical.' Spicy foods, soda and alcohol are all things that help Kimberly burp loudly, however, she can equally do it with just "a little bit of water."

Here's a delightful 60 Second Documentary about Winter's delightful talent:

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