If you live in a colder climate, you need this powerful car windshield defroster, now $38!

TL;DR: Drivers in cold climates know the inconveniences caused by a chilly car and a frozen windshield. But now, it's easier than ever to get your car ready to move in the winter with this car windshield defroster, now only $37.99 (reg. $69).

Anyone who's ever had to sit in a freezing car to patiently wait for the ice to wash off their windshield knows it's an ordeal they would skip if they could. And while you can't completely skip this step for good during bitterly cold winters, you can now make it significantly shorter with this windshield defroster.

This Car Windshield Defroster, designed with a heater and fan, is a small, powerful heater that quickly and quietly warms up your vehicle, effectively erasing mist, ice, and snow from your windshield. Typically $69, you can now get it for only $37.99. That's 45% off — no coupon needed!

Here's how it works. When you know the chilly weather will have impacted your windshield, bring out this nifty windshield defroster and plug it into your car. Then, pick from the four different heating levels to get your desired effect. Soon, you'll have warm air blasting through your car, keeping you cozy as your windshield defrosts, de-mists, and de-ices quicker than ever before!

Check out the other features we love about this car defroster:

  • It's powerful, boasting a 500W fan, but it's much quieter than other heaters. In fact, it reduces noise by 30% in comparison to others!
  • You don't have to worry about overheating, as it'll shut off as soon as the temperature hits a certain level.
  • It's designed with a universal plug, so it'll work with most cars.
  • This defroster is small and lightweight. That means you can easily bring it wherever you need to go!

Plus, this windshield defroster is ultra-fast, able to heat up in just a minute, and has an easily adjustable fan for quick airflow replacement and an optimized air intake mechanism. You don't need to worry about this device scratching your car interior, either. It's got a surface-safe base and sturdy adhesive.

Stop suffering from winter chills (and the boredom!) of car windshield defrosting!

Make your life easier this winter and beyond by getting the Car Windshield Defroster with a heater and fan for just $37.99.

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